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Kamil, 13 May 2021

Well over an hour late

Tom, 30 Apr 2021


Tom, 06 Apr 2021

Perfect calzone

Tom, 20 Mar 2021

Burgers were over cooked please don't cook then as long

Tom, 20 Mar 2021

Food was good first time round to trying it out

Mark Livesey, 19 Mar 2021

Fantastic kebab

Tom, 14 Mar 2021

Great take away wouldn’t order from anywhere else

Zoe, 26 Feb 2021

Amazing food as always. Fresh warm and tasty. Thank you for the free cake was very kind of you!

Maryanne, 19 Feb 2021

As always the food is the best we've had. Delivery was on time and delivery driver was friendly. Will definitely be back again.

Maryanne Letham, 10 Feb 2021

Kabab was cold

Jonathan, 17 Dec 2020

Our favourite pizza! Thank you :)

Cathy, 17 Dec 2020

All brilliant.

Mariola, 04 Dec 2020

Always very tasty and quick.

Sylwia, 28 Nov 2020

Food is lovely

Delina Jackson, 25 Nov 2020

Guys! Thank you so much. Adding chickpeas to my Vegetable Dopiaza made my meal an absolute perfection! Very tasty. I was wrong to suggest last week to add potatoes:) Chickpeas is just lovely and perfect in it! - Thank you for the free salad. Please if I order next time let me pay for it if it's still not available on the menu (I understand- you explained you are due to change menu soon hence not able to add anything to it now). - Also thank you for all the cutlery, sauces, napkins, wipes. I know you're being kind and I appreciate it. Because I am very particular about saving the planet on every possible occasion, please next time just put 1 x napkin for me and nothing else :) Also I would be happy to save you packaging on salad - please put it in the paper bag/piece of paper instead if that's also any cheaper for you rather than using the container. If that's cheaper for you then brilliant + I can recycle the paper so it'll be a win win! :) Sorry for being particular but this is me :) See you next time!

Mariola, 20 Nov 2020

Really nice this is my new to to takeaway great service fast delivery and food is delicious

Peter, 14 Nov 2020

Perhaps add some potatoes + mushrooms to Vegetable Dopiaza and a put a little less oil. Oh - and I didn't see on the menu 'Side Salad' which I wanted to order. Worth adding to your menu as you definitely must have salad as you seem to serve dishes that entail salad:) Other than this very tasty!

Mariola, 12 Nov 2020


Jozef, 30 Oct 2020

I'm stuffed! Very generous portion and fresh, hot & tasty as always.

Liz, 29 Oct 2020


Beautiful food, thanks.

Mohammed, 21 Oct 2020


Sgt, 15 Oct 2020


Peter, 08 Oct 2020

Food excellent

Peter, 08 Oct 2020


Food that arrived was VERY good, however took 1hr 10 to deliver and forgot the poppadoms. That said did give me a free drink for the wait

Declan, 06 Oct 2020

Really nice food. I ordered cans of drinks that were forgotten but the driver came back 10 mins later. Didn’t even have to call them.. brilliant serve

Suzanne, 26 Sep 2020